Friday, March 26, 2010

AL South Preview

Durham Bull****artists (1st, 103-59)

P Heinie Sandberg (Trade, Chicago)

C Winston Trujillo (FA, New Orleans)
3B Matthew Franco (FA, Scranton)
P James Baez (FA, Atlanta)

Key Position Players:

1B Lonnie Ellis - Ellis has been a stud since he came into a league a few years ago. He's coming off a stellar year in which he won the AL MVP award and is hoping to repeat this year.

DH Del Lee - Lee had a solid season last year hitting .326 with 31 2B's.

Key Pitchers:

SP Heinie Sandberg - Sandberg was brought in to fix the rotation's woes of last season that cost them in the playoffs. He's coming off one of his best seasons yet in which he posted a sub-4.00 ERA.

RP Mark Cepeda - Cepeda's first two seasons in the majors were great and he's hoping for a third one. He's key to Durham's bullpen success.


Nashville Music Death Row (2nd, 90-72)

P Alan Coppolecchia (FA, Jacksonville)
CF Bud Haynes (FA, Anaheim)

LF Ned Broussard (FA, New York Knights)
3B Cesar Figureoa (FA, Richmond)
P Bret Tremie (FA, Tampa Bay)

Key Position Players:

1B Pete Pall - Was one of 3 players who had over 100 RBI's last season. They're going to need another performance like that out of him this season.

C/DH Davy Forbes - Forbes is a great hitter that had over 100 RBI's last season. The goal for Nashville is to keep him in the lineup just about every day.

Key Pitchers:

SP Heinie Campbell - Campbell is coming off a career year where he won 17 games and had a sub-4.00 ERA. He hopes to have another great season this year.

RP Ryan Lewis - He's coming off a great rookie season. He's the key to Nashville's bullpen.


Florida fish (3rd, 89-73)


P Joel Coles (FA, New Orleans)
P Leo Eaton (FA, Arizona)
DH Nick Bonds (FA, Scottsdale)

Key Position Players:

C Del Valenzuela - Valenzuela is a good hitter who brings a veteran prescence to this team. The question is whether his numbers will slip or not. He's 33 and his best years may be behind him.

SS Marshall Ramsey - He hit .380 with over 100 RBI's last season and the fish are counting him to have another great season this year.

Key Pitchers:

RP Bart Gross - Gross is top pitcher returning to the bullpen for the fish. They need him to have a good season.

SP Reggie Throneberry - The diminutive Throneberry (he's only 5'9) hopes to have another big year. He won 17 games last season and he'd like to up that to 20.


Charlotte North Carolinans (4th, 79-83)

P Tony Lucano (FA, Atlanta)
P Einar Marichal (FA, Richmond)
P Albert Cook (FA, Richmond)
P Albie Seanez (FA, Tampa Bay)
P Henry Brock (FA, Atlanta)

P Rick Bonham (FA)
C Abraham Bolling (FA)
CF Mac Wang (FA)

Key Postition Players:

RF Tony Sardinha - In his first full season last year he hit 30 2B's and HR's. He hopes to have an even better year this season.

SS Phillip Gonzales - He's a dynamic player that hit 7 3B's and stole 28 bases last season.

Key Pitchers:

SP Einar Marichal - Charlotte completely retooled their rotation for this season and Marichal was one of the key FA signings they made. Although he didn't have his best season last year, he's a seasoned veteran that could have a big impact this season.

RP Albert Cook - Another FA signing from the offseason. Cook was brought in to be the closer this season and is coming off a year in which he had 26 saves.



Durham will probably roll to another division crown this season as they have a powerful lineup. The rest of the division could be close and someone like Charlotte could steal a wild card spot. As a side note, does anyone else think it's funny that there are two pitchers in this division named Heinie?

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